Ushare: what is Social Profit Marketing and how it works

Ushare allows you to earn money with the unique Social Profit Marketing system even if you start from scratch. And soon you will discover how to change your current earnings in a concrete and radical way.

To earn money with Social Profit Marketing you will have to commit, train and create value in helping others, improving both the quality of your own life and that of those around you.

Thanks to Social Profit Marketing you have a great opportunity if you wish to improve your personal, professional and economic situation, thanks to a meritocratic career based on sharing your social experiences.

You can earn money according to your commitments and goals with a training plan aimed at your personal, professional and financial growth.

  1. Social Profit Marketing: how it works

Let’s find out now what seven steps are necessary to make the most of the opportunities offered by Ushare:

  • List the first 100 names (family members, friends, neighbors and acquaintances you have met throughout your life and who are closest to your heart);
  • Contact them by phone to make an appointment;
  • Contact the people with whom you would like to share this opportunity and invite them to participate in the Webinar with a promise to call you as soon as it is over;
  • Invite your contacts to attend Uevents, presentations in different parts of Italy where possible; 
  • Make them understand the advantages of Ushare through the introductory talk: explain the advantages of joining the community;
  • Stop and train: the Training B is a moment of information and training for your growth in the community where you can compare and exchange experiences;
  • Become a trainer in Utraining, it is a great opportunity to pass on to Utraining participants;

Legally, social profit marketing follows the same rules as traditional network marketing and commissions are generated not only from the sale of company’s goods and services, but also from the use of those goods and services.

  1. Big Data: the potential of this gigantic and invisible market

Since Social Profit Marketing was developed, to connect people and create a community, social media has evolved into a whole new entity. Experts in this field must be able to combine important technical and business functions.

And the volume of their work is growing at an exponential rate: Domo’s Data Never Sleeps Report 6.0 reports the following interesting data.

One minute of the Internet translates into:

  • Users sharing around 50’000 photos on Instagram and 500’000 tweets;
  • By 2020, 1.7 megabytes of data per person are expected every second;
  • Users send almost 13 million messages;
  • Amazon ships more than 1000 parcels;

That’s why it’s so important to protect your privacy: what DTCircle does since the beginning.

  1. How does Big Data affect social media?

Posts, comments, likes, and followers appearing on the three main social media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, clearly demonstrate the implementation of these Big Data strategies.

According to Statista, with 2.38 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2019 and revenues of $55.8 billion in 2018, Facebook hasn’t lost ground and is able to demonstrate once again the effectiveness of Big Data analytical methods.

Successful companies such as Google, Windows, Microsoft, etc. pay close attention to what customers say. Positive feedback can help acquire potential customers and a negative comment can jeopardize the company’s reputation.

Marketing analyses depend on Big Data in terms of future predictions of customer behavior. This is why many companies invest in big data solution tools to monitor the customer experience on social media in real time.

Ushare has not only created some very innovative technology products but has also found a way through its technologies to transform the data generated by the community into a product.

Among the Big Data transformation technologies related to the Ushare experience:

  • DTCircle token, which is spendable within the DTCircle ecosystem,
  • Messaging application, which turns the messages you send and receive into tokens if you want to share data,
  • Blockchain Phone application that turns certifications on Blockchain into cash,
  • Ubuyup, the circuit of merchants where you can use the token you earn releasing your data,
  • Browser extensions that turn your searches and the interactions amongst users into money.

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